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The Establishment of the Mongolian Buddhist Radio Broadcast

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The Establishment of the Mongolian Buddhist Radio Broadcast

The Establishment of the Mongolian Buddhist Radio Broadcast

The first broadcast:  June 27, 2008




The first FM Buddhist Radio Broadcast was established in Ulan Bator, .  At Gandan Temple , the Opening Ceremony for the Buddhist Broadcasting Station was held along with the first broadcast.  The Administrative Head of Gandan Temple Ven. Cho Jamch, the Head of the Office of Social Affairs of the Jogye Order Ven. Do-eun, along with more than 100 attended the ceremony. 




The establishment of the radio station was due to the initiative of the Jogye Order Administrative Head Ven. Jigwan.  Last year, the Order made a pledge to support the establishment of the radio station, and in March offered $30,000 at Gandan Temple .  The Abbot said, Majority of Mongolians do not properly understand Buddhism, but it was beyond our imagination that Gandan Temple could spread the Dharma through a vocal medium.  He continued, To correct the erroneous views of Buddhism, we requested the Jogye Order to establish the radio broadcast.




 The name of the Radio Broadcast will be: Melody of Conch.  This Dharma Broadcasting Station will target the young audience.  The radio frequency is 97.5 MHz with the range of a 30km radius.  The broadcasts will be made from a studio at Gandan Temple , and will be broadcast throughout Ulan Bator via the Mongolian National Broadcastings antenna. 



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