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Lotus Lantern Making Festival for Foreigners

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A Lotus Lantern Making Festival for Foreigners will be held in front of Jogyesa Temple, 30th April at 2pm, as part of the annual Lotus Lantern Festival.

The International Dharma Instructors Association is accepting 150 applications for the lantern-making event on first-come basis. The applicants should contact with I.D.I.A for the pre-registration by phone or e-mail. The participants will receive a Buddhist souvenir and the top prize winners will receive special presents.
And you can join making a Big Lotus Lantern to be used as a floating lantern of foreigners Lantern Parade in the evening.

The Buddhist Street Festival, which will be held from noon to 8 pm will also include making prints of Buddhist sutras from wooden blocks, writing wish-notes, traditional martial arts, dance performances and folk games. There will also be Buddhist temple food.
The street festival will be followed by the grand Lantern Parade along Jongno street in the evening on 30th April(sun) 2006.

■ Date : 2 pm on 30th April, 2006
■ Place : front street of Jogyesa temple(Road to be blocked)
■ Registration :
International Dharma Instructors Association
► Tel: 82-2-722-2206, 2011-1747
► Fax: 82-2-722-2203
► E-mail : ipogyo@buddhism.or.kr
► Homepage : www.llf.or.kr

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