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Jogye Order’s Head Ven. Jikwan’s Christmas Message

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Ven. Jikwan’s Christmas Message


On December 17, Jogye Orders Adminstrative Head Ven. Jikwan offered a Christmas message.  With 20 million Buddhists, I offer felicitations for the birth of Lord Jesus who came to this earth out of great and profound love.  The dark and heavy cloud of the three poisons (ignorance, hatred, and attachment) which hangs over the world is merely a shadow.  The cavern of desire must be forsaken through courageous generosity, the blaze of anger must be overcome by self-control and diligence, and the edge of opinionated view must be dissipated through humility and love.  Lord Jesus is like the sun and moon, which illuminates the world without prejudice to take away the darkness.  I sincerely hope we could emulate the benevolence of Lord Jesus to cherish and love one another.


On this same day, a banner was hung in front of JogyesaTemple .  Celebrating the birth of Lord Jesus. 


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