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Resolution for the Application of “Compassionate Sharing” Program to Overcome the Economic Crisis

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Resolution for the Application of Compassionate Sharing Program to Overcome the Economic Crisis











We, the Abbots of the 24 District Head Temples of the Jogye Order resolve to apply Compassionate Sharing to help the unemployed and low-income families.






Due to the global economic crisis, our society is suffering from a crisis worse than the IMF situation ten years ago.  Countless have lost jobs, and there are even concerns over the devastation of family and societal communities. 






As hardships increase, we must work together.  As financial difficulties increase, we must share with one another.  Jogye Order Supreme Patriarch Ven. Beopjeon said, We must increase our generosity toward our more disadvantaged neighbors.






In commemoration of the May 2, 2009 Buddhas Birthday, we resolve to apply the Compassionate Sharing Program in the following way:






l        We will help low-income families and the unemployed through the Compassionate Sharing Program

l        During the March 27 (first day of lunar month) Dharma Service, there will be a 100 won per bow fundraising program in all Jogye Order temples in Korea

l        Raise the Lantern of Hope program :  1000 won is to be donated per lantern made for the Lotus Lantern Festival

l        Hope and Happiness Templestay  to make our temples a place of rest and recuperation to instill hope and courage among the younger-generation unemployed

l        Provide employment within the Jogye Order for the younger-generation unemployed






In this way, may we share burdens together, and create hope and happiness to overcome the current economic crisis for a mutually helpful society.











2009 (BE 2553) Feb. 13

The Abbots of the District Head Temples of the Jogye Order of Korean Buddhism

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