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108-Bows Fundraising to Help the Needy

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108-Bows Fundraising to Help the Needy



(Picture: Ven. Hechong is giving a Dharma Talk about giving with compassion on the day of the 108-bows fundraising at JogyesaTemple on March 27)


Jogye Orders foundation, Friends on the Path, held a 108-bows fundraising on March 27, in more than 3000 temples throughout to help the low-income and unemployed.  Buddhist faithful offered 108 bows and donated 100 won per bow to help those in need during this financial crisis. 


The 108-bow Dharma Service at JogyesaTemple with over 500 in attendance was broadcast live via the Buddhist Television Station and Buddhist radio stations.  Ven. Hechong, the Head of the Bureau of Dharma Propagation spoke on the Buddhist attitude toward giving with compassion.  He said, Buddhism is nothing more than helping relieve the suffering of our neighbors.  These days, there are many people enduring great economic hardships.  We Buddhist must take responsibility for the happiness of all Koreans by giving with the heart of a Buddha.


Jogyesa Temple Abbot added, Generosity toward our neighbors is a joy that accumulates merit and drives out the smallness in our hearts.  The recent economic recession is a threat to our community.  Let us gather together strength and courage to overcome this crisis.


Jogyesa Temples President of the Association of Laity read aloud the aspiration prayer, Please grant your compassionate blessings for our neighbors in need to have hope to overcome the economic crisis.


(Picture: Offering 108 bows with prayers for our neighbors in need.)


The 108 bows were offered with self-reflection and prayer for neighbors in need.  Along with the Dharma service, the faithful were also able to participate in other programs set up at JogyesaTemple like:  Sharing one meal, Raise the lantern of hope, and Sharing with compassion fundraising.


The funds raised from over 3000 temples on this day will go toward the Compassionate Sharing program of Friends on the Path.  To contribute via telephone for the Compassionate Sharing program, please call:  ARS 060-700-0011.   


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