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Condolences for the Former President

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Condolences for the Former President


Ven. Jikwan, head of the Jogye Order offers condolences at the place where the body of the former president is being kept. He also met with the former first lady to offer sympathy.



The day after the former President Roh Mu-hyun took his own life, more than 30 delegates from the Jogye Order visited the site where the body is being kept in Bongha Village , where the former President resided. The delegation offered prayers for the former president to be reborn in the pure land of Buddha .



Each delegate took their turn in offering respect and a flower. The monks and nuns called upon the spirit of the former president, and recited the heart sutra and offered a prayer to be reborn in paradise. Such prayers are considered to help the spirit go to a good destination. After the prayers, the delegates offered condolences individually to each member of the family of the deceased. Most of the high monks of the Jogye Order were in attendance.



Thereafter, Ven. Jikwan visited the home of the former president to offer words of encouragement to former first lady. The 15 minute private meeting was also attended by the second head of the Jogye Order, Ven. Wonhak. He said, Ven. Jikwan told the former first lady that he was grateful for the great effort of the former president in helping revive Buddhism, and that despite the overwhelming sadness and difficulty, she should not lose strength but live on firmly for the sake of the children. Moreover, Ven. Jikwan said he will set up the 49-day prayer ceremony at Jogyesa Temple .



Earlier in the day, over 300 monks and nuns from Hainsa Temple visited the site to offer prayers and condolences. Each day following, monks and nuns from the large temples will do the same. In the 25 head temples of the Jogye Order, there will be prayer services and an alter for the former president.

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