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An Elegy for Roh Mu-hyun

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An Elegy for Roh Mu-hyun


The Korean people have been mourning the loss of one of Koreas most popular presidents, Roh Mu-hyun. On May 27 at Jogyesa Temple , Ven Jikwan wrote an elegy to the former president to be used during the funeral ceremony. The following is the elegy.



心體本空寂 심체본공적 The nature of mind is originally empty.



無來亦無去 무래역무거 There is no coming and there is no going



天堂佛刹 逍遙自在 천당불찰 소요자재 Please attend freely heaven and Buddha’s pure-land





President Roh Mu-hyun



Since originally there is no birth and death, please take care of our nation as you did during your term.





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