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“Friends on the Path,” Offers 116,000,000 won

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Friends on the Path, Offers 116,000,000 won ($94,000 US) to the Less-fortunate


Jogye Orders social welfare foundation gave 116,000 won to 111 low-income and disadvantage people in a ceremony on July 23 at the JogyeOrderAdministrationBuilding. Jogye Order Head Ven. Jikwan personally handed out the offering along with a mala to the recipients. The money is to be used for medical and living expenses. Ven. Jikwan said, The essence of the Buddhas teachings is altruism. Although it is a small amount, I hope it will be of some benefit. It has the altruistic and compassionate will of Buddhists who want to live and share together. Friends of the Path has raised 723,171.440 won to be used to help the less-fortunate members of society.

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