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Sarira Stupa for Seon Master Seung Sahn Unveiled

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Sarira Stupa for Seon Master Seung Sahn Unveiled


The five-year anniversary ceremony and the unveiling ceremony for the sarira (pearl-like relics found in the ashes of great masters) stupa of the pioneer of Korean Budhisms propagation, the great Seon master Seung Sahn was held at Hwagyesa Temple on Dec. 4. A particular point of interest was the pledge to donate 30 million won to the MongolianBuddhistCenter in Seoul. This center, which served the Mongolian community of Korea, was in great need of support. This money came from the donation of the members of HwagyesaTemple and from the money that was supposed to go to the disciples of Seon master Seung Sahn that came for this ceremony. Jogye Order head Ven. Jaseung, foreign disciples of Master Seung Sahn, other eminent monks and nuns, and over 1000 total attended the ceremonies.  


In his speech, Ven. Seoljeong (Sudeoksa Spiritual Patriarch) said, Even during the cold war era, he made frequent trips back and forth between the East and West. His dharma activities were so great, even beyond imagination. The seeds he planted through his faith, vision, and skillful means, are flowering throughout the world.


Seon master Seung Sahn spread the dharma internationally to open more than 100 dharma centers throughout the world. He passed away in 2004 at the age of 77. He was a monk for 57 years.

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