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This Year’s Summer Retreat began

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The Summer Retreat of B. E. 2550 has begun with Gyol Je (Tight Dharma) on May 12 in 100 Seonwons (Zen Center) all over the country at once. “There are approximately 2,200 of practitioners have made a formal introduction” Jogye Order of Korean Buddhism Headquarter Planning office said on May 11.

Bongamsa temple in Mungyeong particularly extended this year’s summer retreat Gyol Je from 90 days to 300 days, and it is having ‘300 Jeongjin Gyulsa(Continuing unchecked progress)’ during 10 months.

National Seonwon Practitioners Association will have an official presentation of each Seonwon’s status including total numbers of practitioner at the end of May.

(Photo) The practitioners of Mugeum Seonwon, Baekdamsa temple meditate after beginning their Gyol Je on May 12.

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