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Ven. Jaseung Visits Orphanage to Offer Encouragement and Support

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Ven. Jaseung Visits Orphanage to Offer Encouragement and Support




Ven. Jaseung visited the Hyemyeong Orphanage in Seoul on March 13. He met with children and the chairperson, Ven. Hyeja. Ven. Jaseung said, The most Ven. Hyeseong took interest in social welfare since 30 years ago. He has laid the foundation for the Jogye Order to operate the current 124 welfare facilities.




Ven. Hyeja, the chairperson of the Orphanage Board said, Ven. Hyeseong began to operate the Hyemyeong Orphanage and other welfare facilities when he was the abbot of Doseonsa Temple . He still comes by everyday to check if the children are doing well.




After having tea with orphanage officials, Ven. Jaseung met some of the children. He shook hands with each child and said, Grow up strong and healthy to become good citizens that contribute to society.




The orphanage choir performed two songs and had a Taekwondo demonstration for Ven. Jaseung and other monks. Currently, there are five preschoolers, 33 elementary school children, 19 junior high students, and 14 high school students. Ven. Hyeseong also met with Ven. Jaseung on this day.




Ven. Jaseung goes out to visit once or twice each month socially disadvantaged people. Since taking office, Ven. Jaseung has visited the site of the Yongsan incident, Seoho Home for the Elderly,  House of Sharing, and a migrant worker to sympathize with everyday people of society.

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