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Professor Paul Knitter visits Jogye Order President Ven. Jaseung

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Professor Paul Knitter, Christian theologian at Union Theological Seminary in New York, US and his companions paid a visit to Jogye Order President Ven. Jaseung at 11:30am, on January 5, 2011.
Profess Paul Knitter explained the discussion he had at Donghwasa Temple in late December last year with Ven. Jinje and zen monks practicing at Geumdang Zen Center. He described his visit to Korea so far as busy and physically challenging but highly rewarding and enjoyable. He also expressed regret about the series of antagonistic behaviors and misconducts committed by protestant Christians in Korea, which is best illustrated by so called ‘spiritual mapping’ conducted by some Christian zealots who trespassed on the grounds of well known Buddhist temples and sang their hymns and held Christian rituals there.

Ven. Jaseung thanked Professor Knitter for his efforts to promote inter-religious dialogue and asked his support for 2013 World Religious Leaders Forum. Professor Knitter replied he would do whatever he can to help the forum.


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