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The First Volleyball Tournament for the Migrants

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[Picture] Cambodia and South Korea Finals
Festival without Borders

     The first volleyball tournament for the foreign workers, sponsored by the Buddhist Community took place this month. On the May 19th, the Maha Council for Supporting Migrants (Ven. Jigwan, President) and Buddhist Cultural Centre (Mr. Kim Gyubeom, Vice President) opened the first ‘Korean Jogye Order Volley Ball Tournament for Migrants’ at the Yangcheon People’s Sports Center, Seoul
     The Volleyball Tournament participants were 10 competing teams from 9 different countries, including Korea, Mongolia, Sri Lanka, Cambodia, Nepal, and Bangladesh. The finalists from Cambodia and Korea (Yangchungu team) competed for the top spot for almost 30 minutes in this tournament. Cambodian team went back and forth on earning the points, but ultimately took over the Yangchungu team with 2:1 and won the game.    
[Picture] Hurray! Cambodian Team Takes the Prize Home
     Cambodian team captain, Chom Seok Kom (25) stated, “We were all worried even up to the last day before the game because we did not have enough time to practice. However, we were able to win the game because our team members tried their best, even when there were difficulties.” Mr. Kom also added “I hope there would be more tournaments like this” and could not conceal his joy.
     Ven. Haechong (Executive Director, Dharma Propagation) said the following during the tournament closing remarks, “Asian Buddhists came together and became one by cultivating friendship,” and added, “We need to pay more attention and provide more support for the migrants to settle down well in Korea.”
     An International Food Market was held outside of the stadium, which displayed foods from  various countries. Many local residents also joined in this multicultural event and made this festival a great success.

 [Picture] Commemorative Photo: Korean and Cambodian Team with the Jogye-sa Representatives

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