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Vibrant Activities of Korean Buddhists in China

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The Jogye order of Korean Buddhism visited China Buddhist Association in Beijing between June 9 and 12 and discussed the Korea-China Buddhist exchanges. After the discussion, the Jogye Order launched an active international propagation of Korean Buddhism, and offered a joint ordination ceremony for the Korean-Chinese Buddhists.

On June 9, the Executive Director, Ven. Doyoung Sunim, and other members of Bureau of Missionary Activities of the Jogye Order were invited by the Beijing Korean Buddhist Association and visited Guangjisi Temple in Beijing city. They met Chang Lin, the Vice General Secretary, and other members of China Buddhist Association and exchanged general ideas for securing the practice activities of Korean Buddhists in China.
“Korean Buddhists in China have participated in the various practice activities of Buddhism with the cooperation of Chinese government and China Buddhist Association. However, many Korean Buddhists in China currently are facing difficulty in carrying out stable practices,” said the Executive Director, Ven. Doyoung Sunim. He urged the Chinese government and the China Buddhist Association to support stable practices at Manwolsa temple, which has been founded by Korean Buddhists in Beijing.
In response to Ven. Doyoung Sunim’s remarks, Chang Lin, the Vice General Secretary, said to the audience, “This proposal by a foreign Sunim is unprecedented.” He added: “we will solve the problem in a positive manner through close contact with the Chinese government since the proposal is related to the Chinese government policies.”

On June 11, Ven. Doyoung Sunim and other Sunims of Bureau of Missionary Activities participated in the Joint Ordination Ceremony for the Chinese-Korean Buddhists at Guangjisi Temple. Approximately 100 Korean Buddhists from all areas of China including Shanghai, Nanking, and Quanzhou, etc. attended the ordination ceremony.
The testimonial Dharma teacher, Ven. Doyoung Sunim, said to the Korean Buddhists, “Please practice Mahayana Bodhisattva’s Way and increase your faith in Buddhism.” He added: “Taking this opportunity as a momentum, Korean Buddhism and Chinese Buddhism should strengthen their ties and do more diligence in order to establish the world Buddhism.” In this Ordination ceremony, Ven. Doyoung Sunim appointed Jinmyoung Sunim to the post of Leading Dharma Teacher of Manwolsa, the basic center of Korean Buddhist Association in Beijing.

Following the ceremony in the afternoon, the members of Bureau of Missionary Activities held a social gathering meeting (2:30-5:30 PM) with the main theme, “The current situations and future direction of Korean Buddhist Association in China.” The participants achieved the following consensus: We should understand the special characteristics of each area. Not only female lay Buddhists but also male lay Buddhists should actively organize the Buddhists. Particularly, the Beijing Korean Buddhist Association should make exemplary activity cases.

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