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Catholic Deacons visit Hwagye-sa Temple to experience Buddhist Culture

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Catholic Deacons visit Hwagye-sa Temple to experience Buddhist Culture
On June 18, men in black clutch shirts lifted their hands together in unison and made a vow towards the altar. Even at a first glance, they out number the monks present in the Main Hall. So, what is happening in the Hwagye-sa temple?

One hundred and thirty Catholic deacons from seven Theological College (Seminary) nationwide participated in the program promoting inter-religious harmony. This winter, these graduates from Theological College will be formally become Catholic priests. 
Since 2008, programs such as these were established to promote inter-religious dialogue. The deacons who came from around the nation, from Seoul to Gwangju city, all gathered for the evening chanting, temple exploration and dialogue with the abbot of the temple. Generally conducted in solemn atmosphere, this was rather a special experience for a lot of these special visitors.

One of the participating Deacons, Kim Dongho stated, “It was a great chance to learn about other religion. I participated because it was part of the curriculum and it is most unlikely that I will get to visit other religious temples again.” and added, “But, this temple program was really helpful in understanding other religious perspective.”
Ven. Dongje from Educational Department of Hwagye-sa temple stated, “We truly hope that you will all maintain good relationship with Buddhism, even after you become Catholic priests. These religious exchange programs will be the foundation in promoting understanding and harmony between religions.”

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