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Jinkwan-sa Temple Dinner Reception for success of KPPF

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Jinkwan-sa Temple Dinner Reception for success of KPPF: On the 60th Anniversary of the Korean War Armistice Agreement
The delegates from various foreign embassies and organizations and members of the legislature and parliament were invited to Jinkwan-sa Temple on May 8th for the reception of the Traditional Temple Foods in the wish for success of KPPF (Korean Peninsula Peace Festival). In this reception, Jogye Order offered thanks to the nations who have given their generous support, offered condolences and respect to the fallen solders and discussed the policies for peace in the Korean Peninsula and North-East Asia.
The 2013 KPPF festival operates from March to September, under the theme of "Consolation and Homage," "Reconciliation and Amicable Resolution" and "Future and Hope." Various programs are planned in Seoul and Busan City for the special commemorative event.

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