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The Celebration Committee announced this year’s slogan: Innocent Mind: Buddha Mind

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“Innocent Mind: Buddha Mind”

The Celebration Committee for Buddha’s Birthday has chosen "Innocent Mind: Buddha Mind” as the slogan for this the 2550th year since the Buddha’s death. The slogan was chosen after studying 670 slogans submitted by 327 applicants.

As this year Buddha’s Birthday falls on the May 5th, Children’s Day, this slogan conveys our hopes for a bright future by aspiring that everyone’s mind becomes pure and innocent like that of a child.

Using this as the abbreviation, the full slogan for this year’s celebration is “May we too have a Child-like Innocent Mind: Buddha Mind’

The winner of the slogan competition this year is Mr. Byeonghak Im (54 years old) who lives in China. He is a devotee of Jangansa Temple in Chengdu city, Sangdong Province, China. He found the contest on the Jogye Order internet site and the monk at the temple encouraged him to send in his idea. On applying, he said "If I win, I have promised myself that I will donate the prize to Jangansa Temple. I am really happy that I can help the temple.”

The contest was held last January.

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