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Muan Lotus Flower Festival

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Muan Lotus Flower Festival
Asia’s Largest Wild Lotus Flower Habitat

Lotus flower, one of the most beautiful symbols of Buddhism, is the main theme of Muan Lotus Flower Festival which will be held from July 24~28, 2013 for five days. With the opening ceremony taking place on the 24th of July, the largest Oriental White Lotus Habitat in Muan District of Jeollanamdo Province will set off and welcome hundreds of thousands of guests from around the nation. The 6 participating Jogye Order District Head Temples from Honam area have organized and prepared some of the most interesting Buddhist programs of the year.
The festival lighting ceremony will take place on the first day. This will include female choir performances and opening night events, such as colorful fireworks. On the second day, Dharma Talk will be offered by the president of the Jogye Order of Korean Buddhism to inspire the visitors. Moreover, famous singers and traditional Korean cultural performers will also join in on the fun with exciting music and dance. On the closing night, annual cooking contest, open concert, and amazing other programs will also take place. A long board walk around the festival ground will help visitors to explore the beauty of lotus flower and flea market with over 20 booths will feature temple food and specialty items. There will also be a water play area and a shade shelter to accommodate the need of visitors on the hot summer day. This is a Buddhist festival well worth visiting this summer.
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