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The 6th Anniversary Buddhist Service at the Singyesa temple

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Joint Buddhist Ceremony on the 6th Anniversary of Singyesa temple at Geumgangsan Mountain

On October 12th, the Jogye Order Offices for the Promotion of National Unity (OPNU) and Joseon Buddhist Federation (JBF) jointly held the six-year anniversary ceremony of Singyesa temple at its main Buddha Hall in hopes for reunification of the North and South Korea.
Tentative plans for the prayer service were discussed last August at a work level conference held between OPNU and JBF in Shenyang, China. In particular, this year’s dharma service was especially meaningful in terms of it being the first civilian level exchange, held amidst negative stance between the north and south Korea.
Despite continuation of such difficult circumstances, the south and north Buddhist community is working in the forefront in promoting exchange and collaboration between the two nations,. As it is the first exchange occurring at a civilian and cultural level, it is expected that exchange programs in various sectors will also improve well beyond religious level.
Gyu Ryong Lee, the Secretary General of OPNU stated in his speech, “restoration of Shingyesa temple in the 6.15 era will promote harmony in Buddhist community and it is a result of our effort for reconciliation and collaboration.” and further emphasized, “Let’s make Singyesa temple a home where the teachings of the Buddha overflows and that which brings harmony for national unity.

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