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Seokguram Grotto Safety Survey Begins in March

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Seokguram Grotto Safety Survey Begins in March

International experts specializing in Cultural Heritage began the safety survey of Seokguram Grotto, as this international UNESCO cultural monument was pointed out to be in danger of break down.
The Ministry of Culture of Korea and ICOMOS-Korean (International Council of Monuments and Sites), which is an advisory organization of UNESCO will instigate a field survey beginning March 21st, with a lead from Dr. Giorgio Croci and Dr. Caludio Margottin of Italy.
Dr. Giorgio Croci is a specialist in the field of structural safety and stability of cultural monuments. Dr. Croci also participated in important restoration projects such as the projects involving the Tower of Pisa, The Pyramid of Chephren in Egypt, The Cathedral of Strasburg in France.
Dr. Margottin is affiliated with ISPRA-Geological Survey of Italy, who participated in important international restoration projects of Petra in Jordan, Bayannuur tomb in Mongolia, and he is currently serving as the Expert consultant in UNESCO.
Moreover, Ven. Hye Il, the Director from the Department of Culture from the Jogye Order HQ and other concerning parties from the Bulguksa Temple will also support the survey procedures.
The Ministry of Culture hopes to find ways to stabilize the Seokguram Grotto’s structure, and find more scientific measures to protect this internationally renowned monument.
The original article and pictures can be found in http://www.hyunbulnews.com/news/articleView.html?idxno=278970

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