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Becoming the Buddha through Chanting

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Becoming the Buddha through Chanting
Crystal clear chanting of monks and nuns echoed throughout Jogyesa temple courtyard on July 17, 2014 lasting approximately 4 hours.

Ven. Hyeoneung, the Director of Bureau of Monastic Training, who wished to promote Buddhist chanting, held the 1st chanting demonstration contest.

A special stage was created in Jogyesa Temple courtyard and 42 novice monks and 66 novice nuns in training from 15 different monastic training centers entered the stage with elaborate props, drums, bells and various chanting styles. They have all been practicing diligently for the last 4 months for this competition, but out of 108 participants, those selected for the final were only 6 novice monks and 6 novice nuns, and final 6 groups.

The grand prize went to Ven. Boghyeon from Unmunsa Monastic College and for the group from Cheongamsa Monastic college, each receiving approximately $3000 prize.

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