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The Education for Foreign monk and nun

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The purpose of this education program is to provide the opportunity to experience Korean cultures, traditional Seon and to be qualified as a Sami, Samini for the foreign Sunims (monk and nun) who living in korea.

Hereinafter this is the fifth time for the Bureau of Education holding the program - " The Education of Korean Seon Experiences for Foreign m,onk and nun(Sunims)". Please the foreign m,onks and nuns do pay attention in this course to be qualified for their ordination.

1. Education schedule : 2006. Sep 15 - Sep 24 (10 days)
* Should arrive to the education center by 12: 30 P.M on Sep 15, 2006.

2. Place : Magoksa(Head Temple for the 6th District of the Jogye Order), In Gong-ju city

3. Education Attendee: Non-Korean Sunims.(sa-mi, sa-mi-ni, Hang-ja)

4. Contents of Program :

- The History of Korea Seon Buddhism,
- The Platform sutra of the sixth Patriarch
- Hwaduseon Practices in Korea
- Introduction of Hwaduseon, training and practicing,
- Korean Buddhism Culture about boodo etc.
- Community Life and Learning temple etiquette,
- Introduction Korean Seon Masters,
- Principles and Procedures of Ceremonies

5. Registration Period : Aug 21 - Sep 8. 2006.
- Applications are available at (www.buddhism.or.kr) or your residential temple.

6. What to bring : Writing tools, Washing materials, ID card, Formal robes, Monastic robes, Bal-u, Mok-tak, Hand Bell.

7. Where to apply: Bureau of Education (Mr. Jeon Chang-hun)

- Tel : 02-2011-1803, Fax:02-732-4926
- Address: 45, Gyeonji-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul, Korea.
Bureau of Education, The Jogye Order of Korean Buddhism
-Email: vajra1@buddhism.or.kr

Buddha Era 2550(2006) Aug.

Chung-Hwa, Bureau of Education Jogye Order of Korean Buddhism

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