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The Association of Korean Buddhist Orders held the New Year’s Dharma Assembly

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The Association of Korean Buddhist Orders held the New Year
s Dharma Assembly

“May all beings awake to and purify their true nature, put the right teachings of the Buddha into practice and be filled with merciful sacredness.”   

The Association of Korean Buddhist Orders led by Ven. Jaseung held the Dharma Assembly of the leaders of the Korean Buddhist communities marking the New Year (Buddhist Era 2561) at Daeungjeon (大雄殿 Great Hero Hall, dedicated to Sakyamuni Buddha) of the Jogyesa Temple on January 19. Approximately 200 attendees joined the Assembly, including Ven. Jaseung and the leaders of the member Buddhist Orders of the Association and lay Buddhists associations.  

In his remarks, Ven. Jaseung said, “Let us be authentic and happy wherever we are, be merciful to all beings and open up the New Year with the spirit of mutual respect and reconciliation. I sincerely hope that you can be fully awakened to the wisdom of ‘Buddha-nature and ordinary mind are not two different things’ and all of your wishes come true this year”.  

Ven. Choongwang, the Chief Vice President of the Association, said, “May the Buddha heal the pain of our time and realize peace of the world based on the spirit of Mahayana (Great Vehicle) at a time when another eventful year is ahead. Let us usher in the era of renewed hope and harmonious wisdom in the Year of Jungyu, the year full of luck, generosity and mercy”.

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