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The JOKB Calls for the Immediate Discontinuation of Nuclear Test of North Korea

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The Jogye Order of the Korean Buddhism expressed the resentment on the underground nuclear test by North Korea with great concern in the afternoon of the test. Seungwon Sunim, the spokesman of the Jogye Order, expressed the great concerns of the Jogye Order and twenty million Korean Buddhists about the safety and the peace of the Korean peninsula, and called for the immediate stop of all nuclear test activities, reminding North Korea of their agreement of non-nuclearization.
The announcement also made it clear about the objections of not only the Koreans but the most of the peace loving people in the world to any means of retaliation by violence, which will mean not only the war in the Korean peninsular but the total destruction of the North-east region and perhaps the entire humanity as well.
The announcement also called on the Korean government to take a measure to establish the basic and the long term plan for the peace of the peninsula. It also called on the government to maintain the flexible policy for the activities of civil organizations which contributed to the mitigation of the tension between the North and the South.
The announcement also called on the government to take practical and effective measures toward the North than to take any hasty and emotional reactions to the present situation. It is related to the President Roh’s comment on the difficulties involved in the problems of Gaeseong Industrial Park and the tourism of Diamond Mountain, which requires more prudent consideration.

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