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The hanging board on the One-pillar gate of Jogye Temple attached again after 70-year’s removal

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The hanging board and Juryun (verse couplets written on the pillars) of Jogye Temple, which represent the headquarters of Jogye Order, was pulled down during The Purification Movement of Korean Buddhism, but they eventually came to be hung again after the letters on them were written by Jeong Ha-geon, chairman of Korean Calligraphers Association and then engraved by Oh Ok-jin, the 106th Important Intangible Cultural Asset.

The dimension of the hanging board is 1.45m in width, 7.25m in length and 600kg in weight.

At 11.30am of Oct. 9, there occurred the Board-hanging Ceremony in front of the new One-pillar gate of Jogye Temple.

Jikwan Sunim, Executive Director of Administration, expressing his appreciation there said in an emphatic tone, "Jogye Temple has been continuing the work for making the headquarters a sacred precinct since three years ago, which is part of the way to be born again as the headquarters of Korean Buddhism. With this board-hanging ceremony as a momentum, let’s exert ourselves to make Jogye Temple revive as the headquarters of Korean Buddhism and stand out high in the world Buddhism."

Kim Chung-Yong, head of Jongro District Office said in his congratulatory speech, "Once the work for making a sacred precinct, which includes the construction of the Meditation Center, comes to complete, Jogye Temple will be the first symbol of culture in Jongro District." and also said clearly, "Jongro District Office will provide administrative supports without reluctance in order for Jogye Temple to be born again as a core of the Buddhist culture."

Wondam Sunim, abbot of Jogye Temple delivering his compliments said, "Many thanks to all those present despite their crowded schedule, among whom are Executive Director Jikwan Sunim and Elder Dongchun Sunim, Jeong Ha-geon and Oh Ok-jin, and Kim Chung-Yong, head of Jongro District Office." and expressed his opinion like this, "The board-hanging on the One-pillar gate of Jogye Temple will be a touchstone of a new history."

Along with the hanging board, Juryun was written on four pillars. The passage expresses wishes for the Buddhist dharma to be propagated permanently with Jogye Temple.

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