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The 20th Korea, China, Japan Buddhist Goodwill Conference to be Held at Bongeunsa, Seoul, from September 6 to 8

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  The 20th Korea, China, Japan Buddhist Goodwill Conference will be held at Bongeunsa, Seoul, from September 6 to 8. The Buddhist delegations of Korea, China and Japan had the preliminary meeting for the 20th Conference at the Lotte Hotel Jeju on March 23 and confirmed the schedule of the Conference.  


The delegates from the three countries agreed to hold an exhibition of video clips and photographs showcasing milestones of the development of the three countries’ Buddhist communities. The participants of the preliminary meeting agreed to set the theme for the conference as “Sustainable Exchange and Development of Buddhist Goodwill of Korea, China and Japan”. At the 20th Conference, formal monastic meal, or traditional Korean way of having meals at Buddhist temples, will be demonstrated, along with the congratulatory performance, “Practices and Vows of the Bodhisattva Samantabhadra”, by a nationwide Buddhist choir in a large scale. In addition, the Dharma Assembly for World Peace and academic lectures will also be held.


The preliminary meeting was attended by Ven. Woldo, the Secretary General of the Association of Korean Buddhist Orders and Director of the Administrative Department of the Cheontae Order, who served as the head of the Korean delegation, Executive Directors of the Association, 10 Chinese delegates led by Ven. Mingsheng, Senior Vice President of the Buddhist Association of China, and 9 Japanese delegates led by Ven. Takekakucho, Chairman of the Japan-China-South Korea International Buddhist Exchange Council.



Article reference: http://www.ibulgyo.com/news/articleView.html?idxno=156643


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