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Dharma Talk in celebration of Buddha’s Birthday Buddhist Era 2563 Jongjeong, Supreme Patriarch Jinje of the Jogye Order of Korea Buddhism

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Dharma Talk in celebration of Buddha’s Birthday

Buddhist Era 2563

Jongjeong, Supreme Patriarch Jinje of the Jogye Order of Korea Buddhism

Taking seven steps immediately after being born from Lady Maya’s womb,

Buddha pointed toward the heavens with one hand and the earth with the other,

Declaring that in the heavens above and the earth below he alone is the honored one.

How splendid is our lord Buddha!

All human beings on this earth! Let’s all join our palms together and praise Buddha.

However, when investigated closely, it is just three feet from the legs.

Assembly, do you understand?

It is indeed a fairday today. It is indeed marvelous to have this festival to celebrate the coming of the lord Buddha to the three realms of samsara. Sakyamuni Buddha includes all beings, without exception, in his endeavor to save them; the gates of hell disappear, and both sentient and non-sentient beings glow with the joy of Dharma. Happiness alone reigns every hour; only beauty unfolds every day.

All the followers of the Buddha’s Path! Let’s pray together in glee and exaltation,

How Sakyamuni Buddha has manifested in our realms in his infinite compassion.

Let’s light a lantern for ‘us’ not just for ‘me.’

Let’s light a lantern for our neighbors who have fallen on hard times, not just for my own family.

Let’s light a lantern of hope to illuminate a country that is going through such difficulties.

Let’s all be lanternsunto ourselves; let’s all be lanterns for those lost in the dark realms of samsara, who are no different from us. Let’s all be lanterns that light up the world.

Korea has achieved amazing economic growth, yet Koreans are not happy. Dazzling scientific developments have revolutionized the material aspects of our lives, but everything has become askew, and people do not know what is important anymore. Materialism exacerbates competition and conflict, and now people blindly hurt each other in despair. Yet, no one embraces and comforts them.

Incidents of terrorism and violent conflict plague the modern world, but the revenge born out of resentment only makes matters worse. The key to achieving true world peace lies neither in a show of force nor the sophistry of politics and ideology. It will come only when each and every individual turns his or her mind inward, which too often rages outward, and illuminates the true self within. You and I are inherently no different; inherently, there is no right or wrong.

It hurts to see people so blatantly ignore the true self, the essence of who they truly are and blindly pursue superficial phenomena, as if they have an infinite number of days left to live. This body decays and turns into a handful of dirt in a mere hundred years. Then nothing is left of us.

So investigate this hwadu:

“What was the true self before I was born of my parents?”

Investigate it ardently and desperately throughout the day, trying to find your true self.

When one reaches the home of the mind, there is no division between you and me; all of humanity is one family, and the whole universe is contained in this body. Without exception, anybody can attain it.

When one reaches the home of the mind, everywhere is the Western Paradise, the Pure Land of Buddha, and everything blooms to become the magnificent lotus universe of Vairocana Buddha. No wonder that one now abides permanently and only in Great Freedom, Great Joy and Great Wisdom.

May all human beings, as well as all Buddhists and all Koreans, light a lantern to illuminate one’s true self and fill this world with the brilliant light of wisdom and compassion. May we all join our palms together to create happy families, beautiful societies and a peaceful world.

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