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Jogye Order Leadership Forum

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Jogye Order Leadership Forum

The Jogye Order Leadership Forum was held on January 20 at the Korean BuddhistHistory and Culture Memorial Hall to discuss the future of the Jogye Order and Korean Buddhism amid the rapid social changes. The Forum was attended by about 200 participants including Most Ven. Wonhaeng, the president of the Jogye Order as well as the directors of the Education and Propagation Bureaus.

Most Ven. Wonhaeng said, “Buddha taught us there is nothing permanent in life. It is a sacred duty of the leaders to reform the Jogye Order to survive and thrive in the new social conditions. It is true that we are facing considerable challenges within and without. There seems to be no easy way out to produce the results we want.”

He continued to say, “We must get our heads together to find solutions, which will sometimes require a painful soul searching. The Buddhists of our generation must come up with a more comprehensive and systemic approach encompassing the past, present and future to produce guidelines that will help future generations to land on a surer footing.”

The main subjects discussed at this year’s Leadership Forum includes: propagation policies, measures in preparation of the newly implemented Inner City Park Sunset regulation, and the role of the Buddhist communities amid the heightened tension between South and North Koreas.

The Jogye Order Leadership Forum was first held in last February after the 36th Administration of the Jogye Order was launched to encourage more active discussion and exchanges of the views on the Order’s current issues and the effects of social changes.

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