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Dharma Talk to Mark B.E. 2564 Buddha’s Birthday

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Dharma Talk to Mark B.E. 2564 Buddha’s Birthday

From his dwellings in the Tusita Heaven, the Buddha came down to the earth riding on a white elephant and went into the womb of Queen Maya. After tem months, he was born out of her right side all glowing golden.

As soon as he was born, he took seven steps in four directions, pointing toward the earth with one hand, and the heavens with the other, and declared:

“I alone am the honored one in the heavens and on earth.”


It has been ever so magnificent.

The Buddha’s birth in this world amid human beings is the manifestation of Great Loving-kindness and Compassion to save all sentient beings in this universe.

It is a declaration about the most fundamental human nature, that we are all already enlightened buddhas, and

That all life forms are sacred.

His birth shines the radiant light of wisdom on humankind,

And shows us the Path that we all must tread on.

The darker the night is, the more desperately we seek the lamp. The harder the times are, the more clearly we must understand and uphold the reason behind his manifestation among us in this samsara, the endless cycle of birth and death.

It is an opportunity for all Buddhists to light a lotus lantern of peace and harmony for all beings.

Let’s all light the lotus lantern of Great Luminosity with a prayer to

Delight our neighbors,

Relieve them of suffering, and

Rejoice their good fortunes.

The novel coronavirus pandemic threatening the world is caused by the unrestraint plunder of the earth’s natural resources and resulting destruction of environmental pollution and ecosystem. We have no one else to blame except for our own extreme greed and selfishness.

The world helplessly fell victim to this virus, revealing the limitations of science and technology. Now, the eastern culture of mind cultivation is drawing the attention of the people all over the world.



The earth and the heavens all share the same root with me,

All beings and I share the same body.

The nature, whether sentient or not, are all interconnected, arising from each other.

No one can exist without one’s neighbor, no one can live without the earth supporting and grounding us from underneath. All things in this universe and I are not two separate beings.

Destruction of nature and ecosystem equals crisis to humanity.

Everyone on this earth!

Life after life, we keep wishing for the freedom from suffering and illnesses,praying for a life ofabundance, success and ease. Then, just hold onto the hwadu of “What is my true self before I was born of my parents?” and investigate it tirelessly and relentlessly, day and night, awake or asleep, maintaining the absolute single-minded focus on it.

Then, the ensuing radiance of wisdom will show you the right path for all things,enthroning you as the master of Truth and guaranteeingyou a life of peace and happiness.

All of you must want to know the true face of the Buddha.

Slinging this Dharma staff over the shoulder, without sparing a look at the crowd,

Walking straight into the hundred thousands of mountain peaks.

May 30, B.E. 2564

H.E. Jinje, Supreme Patriarch,

The Jogye Order of Korean Buddhism

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