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Part3: Formal Dharma Discourse at Okinawa: February 26, 1975

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In the peace park in front of the memorial pagoda dedicated to the Korean War dead on Okinawa the Ch’an Master addressed those assembled: “One Thing is ever vivid; it does not arise and does not cease; it doesn’t go and doesn’t come. Today, oh you departed spirits for whom this ceremony is held, can you understand these words ‘it does not arise, nor does it cease’?” After a pause the Master shouted and said, “When you can topple heaven and earth with one kick, and when you can touch the sun and moon with your hand, then you will know. Do you understand? Some verse state”:

“Okinawa is not the Han-gu Pass. Why were so many oppressed, turning them into resentful spirits? For many years the hatred on this isolated island hasn’t been forgotten. Isn’t it barbaric to restrict the liberty of others? Nevertheless, today this memorial pagoda is erected. May hearing my words of Dharma be of good result. I present to you (spirits) the path to Nirvana. Cast off all causation and return to your native country.”

“The four elements are impermanent, they are not the ‘True-I’.”

If we are enlightened our own mind is our homeland. Coming and going from birth to death is largely suffering, but that which does not increase or decease is Diamond. The water is not scarred where the moon pierces the ocean; the lotus flourishing out of mud is undefiled by its environment. In the green mountains what place does not present a rare scene? The flowers blossom, the birds chirp, the marvelous Dharma is propagated.

“Unfairly shackled they were sacrificed, hatred filled the green mountains and tears filled the rivers. Repenting for mistakes of the past, today this pagoda is erected. Hearing the Dharma, abandon hatred and return to your homeland.”

“Though it seems as if this body exists, it actually is void. The brightness of the ‘True-I’ is unlimited; as it doesn’t arise or cease, where is it now? Fix a bright light to your eyes and awaken from the illusory dream.”

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