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Part3: Formal Dharma Discourses Delivered in America

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First Lecture

The Master ascended the High Seat, struck his staff three times, and said, “Throughout the length and breadth of the world, people in all societies say ‘I’. But actually, what is this ‘I’?”

After a pause he held up his staff and, striking it down, said, “You can hear this clearly.” Then, raising the staff overhead, “You can see this distinctly. What is it (which you see and hear)? It may be very hard to understand precisely what it is, but it is certainly only yourself which can see and hear. If you can understand this ‘True-I’, you will be a really remarkable person. However as long as you do not understand it, you are a solitary spirit roaming the woodlands. Clearly, all men need to realize this ‘True-I’. When you can truthfully say, ‘With one stroke I can knock down the Empire State Building; in one gulp I can swallow the entire Pacific Ocean’, then and only then will you have realized it. A gatha says”:

“The self-nature, the golden Buddha, transcends near and far, East and West. Today all men may become fearless. Spring winds come and flowers begin to bloom.”

“The transitory world passes through arising, abiding, decay, and extinction. Time revolves through spring, summer, autumn, and winter. The unborn baby will undergo birth, old age, sickness, and death. Man’s consciousness goes through growth, maturity, senility, and is ultimately extinguished. Life is as transient as a dewdrop, and everything is in movement. There is no place in the six regions of existence where men can find a secure refuge. Even a hundred years of life is but an instant in duration. How can we disregard all of this and stretch out our legs to sleep peacefully?” A poem says:

“When a handful of ash is thrown into the wind, who knows where it goes? Consider that things cannot last, and begin to practice meditation.”

“The Absolute does not abide in words. It does not dwell in any particular place, and is not within time. By crossing over the sea of birth and death, and arriving at the other shore, you inherit boundless happiness and true contentment. Therefore, from morning to evening practice Ch’an, and awaken from the dream. Work hard! Work hard!”

“The tiger in his grotto contends with no other animals. Unbounded, the fleeting dragon soars through the sky.”

The Master struck his staff three times and descended.
Second Lecture

The Master ascended the High Seat and said, “Sentient beings are all aboard a boat which is crossing the sea. Man is one with the boat. The sea is one with the land. All we see is in constant action and movement, but there is One Thing which is majestic and absolutely natural. All things are at rest therein. Frequently you meet bustling crowds, but do you understand the one unmoving thing? By realizing this, you attain the realm of liberation.”

“The four great elements separate one from another; the eye and objects of sight separate one from another. Do you know where they go? By knowing where they go, you arrive at the jeweled palace. Are there any of these jewels in your own home?”

After a pause he gave a shout and said, “When you can kick and overturn the earth, and touch the sun with your hands ? only at such a time will you have arrived.” A poem says:

“The night sky looks like glittering sand. The deep blue sea with its million waves, is basically ‘such’. Slipping silently into the sea, we see a pillar of fire. After a rainstorm, water drips off the eaves, and silver pearls are formed.”

“Societies of the world are feverishly looking toward new god. These days we see Asian religion and Western technology approaching a point of synthesis. Do all men realize the import of this? If you know that this is a truly wonderful time, won’t you tell others about it? What are you all doing? Where are you all going?”

“This staff hangs in both the East and the West. The bright sun is in the heavens, and the great earth rejoices. The accumulated snow of some two thousand years is now meeting the warm spring breezes, all creation is lovely.”

“You are now all meeting the Buddha’s teaching. Spring has come to the world, and everywhere we see blossoms bursting into bloom. Do not lose this golden opportunity, but diligently cultivate Samadhi and prajna. Become teachers of gods and men and most earnestly strive for the liberation of all beings.”

“The birds fly and lose their feathers; the fish swim and the water is muddied.”

The Master descended from the High Seat.

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