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Regulations of the Naejang Seon Hall

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(1) The goals of the Seon Hall are amended to focus on “Half Seon, Half Farming.”

(2)The doctrine of the Seon community will be based on the ideas of “Self Seon, Self Practice” and "Self Labor, Self Subsistence." Everyone with the ability to work is included, even those who have extensive practice experience.
① All food and clothing will be perfectly in accord with the regulations of the monastic community/grove (chongnim) (i.e. where the meditation hall resides.)
② The activities of the day will strictly follow a three part schedule: scripture study in the morning, labor in the afternoon, and seated meditation in the evening.
③ During the winter retreat, seated meditation will take priority. During the summer retreat, scripture study and labor will take priority. Retreat certificates will only be granted after three years.
④ For our songs in praise of the Buddha, we will study beompae [Buddhist ritual music], elegant and in accordance with the times. In addition, Buddhist praise, self-praise, conversion and homecoming songs will be newly composed and sung in the traditional style.
⑤ Violations of the precepts, improper behavior and other bad customs are all strictly prohibited.

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