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The New Year Massage (B.E. 2544)

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The future is not coming, the past is not going, the present is not stopping, three times periods are full of emptiness, so it is very mysterious. Don’t you understand such kinds of truth?

If you could be understood these things, the sun and moon are looks like anew, the heaven and earth are looks being special, war, disease, famine, destruction of
environment and transmigration of birth and death etcs., such kind of thousands thing of disaster are not happened here even the one only.

Who’s taking the new year and day? You have to know ‘Who am I ? and then
‘Be accomplished’by yourself for your‘Real Ego’.

Who’s said no Taoist hermit with supernatural powers in the world? It is proper that you ought to believe‘The another world exists in a pot!’

In this generation, we have to enlighten a stream of over-credulity for material things except human being and must stand up with an awakening movement for human being’s themselves - for the truthful Real Ego.-

Therefore it must be kept to develop with between the spiritual and culture, going to a step forward, we can overcome the crisis of civilization.

All things in the universe is being at oneness in flesh and spirit upon the same root, in case if it harms the one-side consequently the other-side will be damaged, on the other hand, helping that-side naturally this-side might be benefited, So that, if we could be known this kind of truth never harms the others ever.

Meeting happy new year, we should keep away from unreliable ‘Myself’and keep in mind to help each other continuously a step a head in advance to love the enemy
and then will be overflowed peace and happiness eventually, we can build earthly paradise up.

Rising the round sun up in mind highly as well as shining on the whole creation brightly, the world of light is opening in our presence.

B.Y. Jan. 1, 2544
Supreme Patriarch of Jogye Order

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