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The Middle Way Is Buddha

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The Middle Way is neither a central position nor moderation. The Middle Way is Buddha, and by coming to know The Middle Way you come to know Buddha.
Generally, people think in terms of relative dualities. Consequently, they see reality as a world filled with struggles and conflicts. But this is illusion based on false discriminations. The Middle Way is ridding yourself of "right" and "wrong", "evil" and "good" and all other relative dualities. It is an absolute state where all contradictions and conflicts have been syncretized.

There are no dualities in universal reality. Right and wrong are syncretized so that right is wrong and wrong is right. Evil and good are syncretized so that evil is good and good is evil. They are one and the same, and this is the eternal truth of The Middle Way.

When we know about nature and the universe, we see things as separate units. But when we know the universe, we know it as one. There is no end to the world of struggle and conflict if we stubbornly insist on such foolish discriminations as relative dualities.

If we come to see universal law, to see the reality of The Middle way’s perfect harmony, then contradictions and conflicts, dualities and struggles disappear. We see the great oneness of everything; and we can laugh wherever we go in this immense world of freedom, a world completely free from criticism and dissatisfaction.
In this world beyond dualities, every thing is The Middle Way and every place is a Buddhafield. The reality of The Middle Way is the world of Buddha, and it is the true reality of the universe.

We live in a world which is fundamentally a vast paradise filled with blooming flowers of freedom. So let’s all perceive this world of The Middle Way, and return to our fundamental nature which is an eternal home of absolute peace. Let’s hold hands and walk together in this magnificent world which sings praise of Buddha, a world where everything in the universe sings of The Middle Way.

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