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“My neighbor’s happiness is indeed my own”

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“My neighbor’s happiness is indeed my own”

I wish that the Year of Rabbit will be filled with days of hope and bliss.

Everyone’s heart will be infused with a fresh resolve to start anew on the New Year’s day. We await the coming of the spring by bearing the piercing wind and bitter cold of the winter. True appreciation of the warm sunshine and balmy breeze of the spring comes only after firmly enduring icy winter. Patience and perseverance are the fertile ground upon which renewed resolve and spirit will grow.

Happiness unshared is happiness no more. My neighbor’s happiness is indeed my own.

Arrogance and self-righteousness cannot defeat humility and understanding. We can achieve happiness only when all of us get together in harmony and go forward in union.

Prejudice and attachment will neither save nor heal the world. Without harmony and cooperation among all mankind, the world will never be a peaceful place.

Each and every one of us should look at where we are standing right now. Then, based on the clear awareness of where we are, here and now, we can take a new step forward, toward the future.

I wish that hope will begin to bud in everyone’s heart. I wish that the bud will blossom into a full bloom of hope in the lives of our neighbors and sentient beings all over the world.

Palms together in Dharma,

Venerable Jaseung,


Jokye Order of Korean Buddhism

December 28, 2554/2010

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