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Part IV: Taking Ordination in Korea -To Lean on My Own Back

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Part IV: Taking Ordination in Korea


by. Ven. Beopjeong



To Lean on My Own Back



My only wish is to live simply


And lead a life as an ordinary man.


Life which run naturally on its course


According to my feelings and my will.


To lead a life which reflects who I truly am


As no one else can live on my own behalf



One must spend time in solitude.


To live a simple life.


One becomes simple and pure


When time is spent alone


And the world of meditation will open its door



Human existence is fundamentally about being alone.


Solitude like the lotus flower,


Never becomes soiled by muddy water it floats on.


To lead a life of solitude is not to be corrupted


But stay pure and free.


Not to live alienated, but remain as a whole, unabashed.



Human must not lean on another


But rely solely on one’s own back


Rely on one’s own, and rely on the truth.



Your original self in found


In the centered mind,


Never to lean on but only to one’s own self. 


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