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Seon Poem List
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40 The Complete and Sudden Attainment of Buddhahood The Complete and Sudden Attainment of Buddhahood by National Master Bojo Jinul 08 Oct 2015 8,821
39 Don't try to resist or stop the change. Comment1. 13 Oct 2015 8,775
38 Song of Enlightenment Song of Enlightenment by Master Kyong Ho 08 Oct 2015 8,615
37 Bigger and Better Things Comment1. Bigger and Better Things 14 Oct 2015 8,581
36 Giving, this is the way to receive from the universe. Comment1. 13 Oct 2015 8,553
35 Gentle Person Comment1. Gentle Person - Oh Se Gyeong / Broadcast writer 14 Oct 2015 8,505
34 The Range and the Value of the "I" The Range of the "I" by Seon Master Kusan 08 Oct 2015 8,295
33 Every Day is a Good Day In the spring, the flower blooms. In the autumn, the moon is bright. In the summer, there is a cool breeze. In the winter, the snow falls. When the mind is not filled with useless thoughts, it is always the right season. 16 Sep 2015 7,649
32 The light of the lonely mind of the full moon The light of the lonely mind of the full moon Has engulfed all things; When both light and object are fogotten What is this again? 29 Jul 2015 7,578
31 A face without any anger A face without any anger is a genuine offering vessel, A word of peacefulness is a subtle frgrance. A clear, truthful mind without any speck of dust Is the mind of Buddha that knows no fluctuation. 29 Jul 2015 7,501
30 Praise and Blame Praise and blame gain and loss pleasure and sorrow come and go like the wind To be happy, rest like a great tree in the midst of them all. 29 Jul 2015 7,482
29 A deer in the wilds As a deer in the wilds, unfettered, Goes wherever it wants, A wise person, valuing freedom, Wanders alone as a rhinoceros horn. 29 Jul 2015 7,481
28 A Piece of Mind Arises from a Cup of Tea A piece of mind arises from a cup of tea A piece of mind is in the cup of tea Please drink this cup of tea One sip will bring about immeasurable joy 29 Jul 2015 7,431
27 Enlightenment Poem Enlightenment Poem by Seon Master Hahn Am 08 Oct 2015 7,385
26 Jade Forest So pure and flawless this jewl is Its roots and shoots do not change with the seasons. It is originally such; this has never left home. Foreshadowing the eons of emptiness, its leaves and stems flourish. 29 Jul 2015 7,355
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