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Song of Enlightenment

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Song of Enlightenment

                                                    by Master Kyong Ho

Looking back on my former life,
I find numerous births and deaths and transmigrations,
in long, long, countless kalpas.
Now I see it vivdly before my eyes. Oh, what s sight it is!
I realized the true mind,
Where there is no name or form.
I radiate great light in all directions.
The single bright mark on the forehead is the Pure Land.
The divine form around the head is God's world.
Four skandhas are pure body.

Wherever you touch, there is the heavenly truth.
Oh, how wonderful! How miraculous!
The wind is cool through the pine trees, everywhere is blue mountain.
The moon is bright in autumn, the sky is like water.
Yellow flower and green bamboos, canary-song and swallow-sound,
In all these, there is Great Function.

Countless Buddhas are always manifest in grass, stones.
The Avatamsaka and Lotus Sutras are but my walking, staying, sitting, and lying.
To say there is no Buddha and no Bodhisattva is not nonsense.
To change hell into heaven,
That is in my power.
Thousands of sermons and thousands of secret meanings are
realized on waking from sleep and they are in full bloom before my eyes.
Where can I find time and space?
The great light is full in all directions.
In a word, I am the very great Dharma king.  

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