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Mind Only Essence of Zen

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Author : Chris Verebes
Publish : Hollym Intl

With so many books available in today’s spiritual supermarket offering advice and guidance, it’s hard to know what is genuine and what is not. Mind Only combines beautiful photographic images of historic Korean Temples with selected teachings, aphorisms and poems of renowned Zen masters to present an authentic portrait of the Korean Zen tradition.

Zen was first introduced to the Korean peninsula directly from T’ang China during the 7th Century which means that Zen in Korea considerably pre-dates its better known Japanese counterpart. During its 1400-year history, the down-to-earth but hitherto largely unrecognized Korean Zen tradition has produced a plethora of eminent Zen masters.

The provocative and insightful sayings of these great teachers are a delightful counterpoint to the evocative images on every page, and provide fresh and original material for those seeking to deepen their understanding of Zen.

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