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Writings of Korean Seon Masters

The Collected Writings of Gyeongheo

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Author : Gyeongheo Sunim
Translator : Dr. Young E. Park
Publish : Jogye Order of Korean Buddhism


This two-volume set (A prose collection & A collection of poems) is the compiled writings of the great Seon master Gyeongheo (1846~1912). He revive the Seon meditation tradition when it was in turmoil. He established Seon meditation halls at such temples as Cheonjangsa Temple, Sudeoksa Temple, Beomeosa Temple, Hainsa Temple, Songgwangsa Temple, and Hwaeomsa Temple. His disciples (Mangong, Hyewol, Suwol, Hanam, among others) also became great masters, continuing the pure lineage of Seon. This collection includes public teachings, letters, and poems compiled by Mangong Sunim. 

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