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The Great Seon Masters of Korea

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Author : Jogye Order of Korean Buddhism
Translator : Edited by Sungshim Hong
Publish : Eastward Publishing

The Great Seon Masters of Korea - Their Birth, Life and Death

The objective of publishing the Great Seon Masters of Korea(planned by the Bureau of Missionary Work of the Jogye Order of in 2006) was to introduce the lives and Dharma talks of the great Seon Masters of Korea to the Western world that is mostly not familiar with them. Twnety-five Seon Masters are introduced, starting with the most venerable priests, such as Wonhyo, Euisang, Doui, Jinul, Bo-u, Hyujeong, and the recent great Seon Master Seongcheol. It would be futile to attempt to introduce Korean Buddhism to the world without introducing the great tradition of these great Masters.

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