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75 The meaning and essence of Seon I wish to talk about the meaning and essence of Seon, which is the meaning of meditation. As it is not an easy topic, I will first talk about the essence of Seon. The essence of Seon is impossible to discuss or even to speak about, let alone listen to. I 02 Feb 2006 14,070
74 Hidden Treasure of Korean Buddhism (Holding the stick in the air and hitting the table) Mountain is water. Water is mountain. In the Heart Sutra we just recited it says, “Form is emptiness and emptiness is form.” This is the fundamental Buddha’s teaching of impermanenc 20 Dec 2005 13,446
73 Vivid Diamond Sutra Part I American Seon master Hyeon-gak is giving a lecture on “Diamond Sutra” in English through Btn, a cable TV channel, beginning Aug. 22, 2005 and lasting 12 weeks. 28 Nov 2005 13,441
72 Enlightenment is free from evil yet does hold wholesomeness If one dwells in enlightenment, one has no anxiety and worries, enjoying unhindered happiness free from envy. Whether one has just started on the Buddhist path or whether one has been practicing for a long time, if one enters directly into enlightenment, 21 Aug 2006 11,956
71 Studying the Platform Sutra, Lecture 1 The Significance of Studying the Platform Sutra of the Sixth Patriarch, by Huineng (慧能, 638-713, the Sixth Patriarch of Chinese Chan Buddhism) 15 Jun 2006 11,468
70 How to Approach Hwadu Practice (Congratulatory Speech at the Ceremony for the newly appointed Spiritual Leader of the Meditation Center)  Hello! How nice to see you all here. Today I would like to talk about “How to Approach Hwadu Practice.” How can we study hwadu effectively? That is 28 Feb 2006 11,190
69 Diamond Sutra (1) American monk Hyon-gak, disciple of Seon Master Seung Sahn, gave a series of lectures on the Diamond Sutra in English through BTN, a Buddhist cable TV channel in Korea. This is the first lecture held at Seoul International Zen Center, Hwa Gye Sa July 3, 15 Jun 2007 11,052
68 Ganhwa Seon Practice from Ahnkook Seon Center Making Ganhwa Seon Practice  Introduction“Seon meditation” is a direct method that can cut right to the core and reveal the Truth immediately by bringing the light of prajna wisdom into our mind and dispelling our inner darkness and ignorance. Seon eme 08 Mar 2012 10,992
67 You Already Understand! Bodhidharma, founder of the Zen lineage, is said to have described Zen this way: A special transmission outside the scriptures / Not depending on words and letters / Pointing directly to the human mind / Seeing into ones nature and attaining buddhahood. T 05 Jun 2007 10,950
66 [Intro to Ganhwa Seon] 17. The Ways to Investigate Hwadu for… 03 Nov 2016 10,509
65 Studying the Platform Sutra, Lecture 6 One day the Fifth Patriarch Hongren summoned all his disciples to an assembly, and said, “I say to all of you: the birth and death of people in this world is a grave matter. Nevertheless you, disciples, make offerings all day long, seeking only th 27 Oct 2006 10,507
64 Studying the Platform Sutra, Lecture 2 Preface - Huineng’s purpose in expounding the Platform Sutra and our purpose in studying it is to have faith in and to rely on the Mahaprajnaparamita Dharma and to transmit the tenets of the Platform Sutra. 22 Jun 2006 10,502
63 Studying the Platform Sutra, Lecture 3 To Seek the Teacher - The great master Huineng said, “Spiritual friends, contemplate the Mahaprajnaparamita Dharma with a pure mind.” The great master, without saying anything further, made his own mind and spirit clear. He kept silent for a good while, t 07 Jul 2006 10,475
62 Practice to awaken for myself I am glad to see all of you here at Jakwangsa today. I know it is not an easy thing to come on your day off, but all of us, at some point, inside, realize there is something more we have to do. There is something more than our daily work, our daily lives. 20 Dec 2005 10,440
61 Studying the Platform Sutra, Lecture 7 After receiving the Fifth Patriarch’s directive, the assembly returned to their rooms and talked among themselves. They concluded that since Shenxiu was the best disciple of them all, even if they were to write a verse they would not be selected anyway. 30 Nov 2006 10,321
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