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Korean Seon Resources List
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60 [Intro to Ganhwa Seon] 13. The Importance of Balshim 03 Nov 2016 8,676
59 Joyful Life: Renouncing Each Day I live alone. In this aloneness, I watch over the self as a practice. In solitude, I observe morning and evening prayers each day. To miss a day is to miss a month. 26 Jun 2014 8,681
58 [Intro to Ganhwa Seon] 14. Clear-eyed Teachers, Guiding Ligh… 03 Nov 2016 8,765
57 Commemorating Buddha’s 2558th Birthday “Many young lives have left us due to our faults and negligence. Let us pray for their eternal happiness and peace by illuminating these lanterns – Pray for their safe return and rebirth in the Western Paradise.” 26 Jun 2014 8,831
56 [Intro to Ganhwa Seon] 03. The Path towards Peace, Stability… 04 Mar 2016 9,101
55 [Intro to Ganhwa Seon] 02. Who am I 04 Mar 2016 9,155
54 [Intro to Ganhwa Seon] 04. Self-Assurance and Confident Life 04 Mar 2016 9,305
53 [Intro to Ganhwa Seon] 08. What is Patriarchal Seon? 07 Jul 2016 9,588
52 Until the day when eternally inexhaustible suffering turns i… New Year’ Message by His Excellency, Venerable Beobjeon, Supreme Patriarch of the Jokye Order of Korean Buddhism “Until the day when eternally inexhaustible suffering turns into the circle of light” Today, the light from time immemorial magnificently il 13 Jan 2011 9,666
51 2014 New Year’s Message by the Supreme Patriarch: Let Us For… Is the supreme Truth of the Dharma present On this New Year’s Day for the Blue Horse year? It most certainly is. Then what is the Truth of the Dharma? The magnificent glow of the New Year shines brightly forth over the entire world. 28 Feb 2014 9,759
50 Part V: Chulga There’s been wind in the forest since yesterday. It is a strong wind, as the sound of waves in the ocean. There will be layers of fallen leaves on forest paths. There will be bare branches after the fallen leaves, under the early winter sky. Where do l 21 Feb 2014 9,786
49 “My neighbor’s happiness is indeed my own” “My neighbor’s happiness is indeed my own” New Year’s address by Jogye Order President Jaseung 04 Jan 2011 9,833
48 [Intro to Ganhwa Seon] 09. Teachings of the Buddha and Ganhw… 07 Jul 2016 9,871
47 See Reality as it is with Wisdom Eye Dharma Talk to End the Winter Retreat By Most Ven. Beopjeon Supreme Patriarch of the Jogye Order 2011 (Buddhist Era 2555) 03 Mar 2011 9,947
46 [Intro to Ganhwa Seon] 05. From Fierce Competiton to Shared … 04 Mar 2016 9,960
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