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60 Beopjeong Sunim’s Dharma Talk 2008 October I hope everyone has been well.  Recently, due to the clear weather, being alive feels renewed, grateful, and fortunate.  Due to the continuous beautiful fall weather, my life has become joyful for many reasons.  Especially, when I hang clot 21 Dec 2008 12,764
59 Studying the Platform Sutra, Lecture 6 One day the Fifth Patriarch Hongren summoned all his disciples to an assembly, and said, “I say to all of you: the birth and death of people in this world is a grave matter. Nevertheless you, disciples, make offerings all day long, seeking only th 27 Oct 2006 12,729
58 Studying the Platform Sutra, Lecture 3 To Seek the Teacher - The great master Huineng said, “Spiritual friends, contemplate the Mahaprajnaparamita Dharma with a pure mind.” The great master, without saying anything further, made his own mind and spirit clear. He kept silent for a good while, t 07 Jul 2006 12,691
57 Studying the Platform Sutra, Lecture 5 As you can see here, too, the Sixth Patriarch’s purpose in ordaining as a monk is to become a buddha. This purpose should not only be Huineng’s, but all of ours as ordained monks. 20 Sep 2006 12,689
56 Studying the Platform Sutra, Lecture 4 I am going to bring up a somewhat critical example regarding Korean Buddhist society. These days, Korean monks say among themselves that “persons of the Way (toin) are sages only from a distance, not from up close.” 07 Aug 2006 12,660
55 Studying the Platform Sutra, Lecture 2 Preface - Huineng’s purpose in expounding the Platform Sutra and our purpose in studying it is to have faith in and to rely on the Mahaprajnaparamita Dharma and to transmit the tenets of the Platform Sutra. 22 Jun 2006 12,638
54 Supreme Patriarch’s Dharma Talk to Open the Summer Retreat S… Supreme Patriarch’s Dharma Talk to Open the Summer Retreat Season 24 Jun 2011 12,580
53 Studying the Platform Sutra, Lecture 7 After receiving the Fifth Patriarch’s directive, the assembly returned to their rooms and talked among themselves. They concluded that since Shenxiu was the best disciple of them all, even if they were to write a verse they would not be selected anyway. 30 Nov 2006 12,571
52 Clean off the mirrors in our minds Clean off the mirrors in our minds As the Venerable Seongcheol taught us, in these treacherous times, we must always stay awake.November 05, 2006 Early in the morning on Nov. 4, 1993, the Venerable Seongcheol of the Korean Buddhist Jogye Order passed aw 15 Jun 2007 12,229
51 To Discover Your True Self, “I” Must Die Daehaeng Kun Sunim Dharma Talk excerpt from "Wake up and Laugh" 21 Oct 2011 11,882
50 Dharma Words on Peace of Mind The Dharma Words on Peace of Mind     This Dharma meeting is really meaningful and rare. Many monks of great virtue with experienced eyes, Dharma teachers, laymen and laywomen have all gathered together. This type of meeting is not easy to have. 23 Oct 2008 11,816
49 Four Great Vows Every morning in our international Zen temples and centers and at the end of ceremonies in Korea, we all recite the Four Great Vows. So, it is important to understand the meaning and how to use them in our practice. 04 Dec 2009 11,619
48 [Intro to Ganhwa Seon] 15. What is Hwadu? 03 Nov 2016 11,547
47 Vivid Diamond Sutra 3-2 American Seon master Hyeon-gak is giving a lecture on “Diamond Sutra” in English through Btn, a cable TV channel, beginning Aug. 22, 2005 and lasting 12 weeks. 13 Jan 2006 11,397
46 What is the priority in our lives? Helping others is important, but taking care of one’s own practice is even more ’precious’ 28 Oct 2011 11,229
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