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For the Guidance of a Departed Spirit

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The Master ascended the Dharma seat, struck his staff three times and chanted:

One Thing has eternal potency;
its remarkable functions are manifold.
From the beginning there was no birth-and-death:
Have you understood this?
Leaving far behind the six sense-doors and the six sense-objects.
its essence appeared in all its fullness.
The mountains, rivers, and all the earth are my home.
Who can get through the halls of the Dark Realms with only gold and silver?
We can only aswer to the King of Death with our good and bad actions.
Based upon the conditions to which it has been subject.
the True-Nature must go to its appropriate place.
What does it matter if the bones are buried in a consecrated place?
For the sake of the Dharma we have forgotten the body
and take refuge in the road to Enlightenment.
In the same way (as all the other Buddhas) we reach the other shore and return to our original place.
It is truly the Great Way.
The brightness of the spirit shines everywhere. and is the king of all the dharmas.

The Master struck his staff three times and descended from the seat.

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