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Apricot Oil

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Writer Jogye Date14 Oct 2015 Read6,667 Comment0


It is said that foxes love apricot oil. Farmers will put poison into a bowl of apricot oil
and place it in a place where foxes will find it.
The clever fox knows about the poison, and will pass by quickly.
Then, the fox feels a tingling of regret.
He decides to just have a whiff and leave.
Then, he thinks "It is not going to kill me to just have a quick taste."
So the fox gives in to his own want.
He leans down for a mere taste, but the oil slides easily down his throat.
The fox suddenly comes to his senses, but he has already drunk half the oil.
Then, he completely gives up on himself and dirnks the remainder of the oil.
The fox dies right there on the spot.

What is your apricot oil?

by Lee Myung Sun


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