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The General and the Teacup

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The General and the Teacup

There was a General renowned for his bravery.
He had an antique teacup, which he cherished very much.
One day he was admiring his teacup.
As he was handling it, the cup slipped out of his hand.
"Oh dear!"
The general managed to catch the cup before it fell to the ground,
as cold sweat fell from his back.
He thought, "I've led countless soldiers back and forth in battlefields rampant with death,
yet I have never been shaken. How is it that I'm so startled by a trifling teacup?"
Without a second thought, the general shattered the teacup.

What is this love or hate or even attachment for appearances?
Are they not obstructions to peace of mind and life's wisdom?

by Lee Woo-sang


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