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Vivid Diamond Sutra 2-2

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American Seon master Hyeon-gak is giving a lecture on “Diamond Sutra” in English through Btn, a cable TV channel, beginning Aug. 22, 2005 and lasting 12 weeks.
This is the first lecture at Seoul International Zen Center, Hwa Gye Sa July 3th, 2005.
“I once gave a lecture on Diamond Sutra eight years ago in a temple and I still study the sutra with the people who attended my lecture at that time. As they recommended that the lecture be given to the general public as well, I decided to give the lecture through television,” he said. “I consider Diamond Sutra to be a basic outline and a blueprint for Asian thoughts and ideology for 2000 years. Although the lecture is in English, the main target is Koreans.”

The lectures will be accompanied by Korean subtitles.

Spending his 10th year as a Buddhist monk in Korea, the priest is best known as the writer of “Manhaeng: from Harvard to Hwagye Temple.” After studying philosophy and religion at Harvard, he decided to become a Buddhist monk after meeting Korean Buddhist monk Seung Sahn.

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