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Jinje (1934~)

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Seon Master Jinje

Seon Master Jinje was born in 1934. He took monastic ordination at 21 in 1954 under Seon master Seoku as the vocation master (eunsa Sunim) at HainsaTemple. He resolved the gongan at 33 and wrote a song of enlightenment. He received official recognition of his enlightenment from master Woonbong, and inherited the dharma lineage of masters Kyeongheo, Hyewol, and Woonbong. There is a common saying in the Korean Buddhist community, Songdam in the north, and Jinje in the south, which means there are two great Seon masters in . He served as the spiritual patriarch (joshil) of the renowned Taego Seonwon at BongamsaTemple. With his profound teachings, he has maintained the Seon lineage in the Busan area of . He always teaches that ganhwaseon (hwadu meditation) is the top practice method. He established HaewunjeongsaTemple in 1971 and Geumcheonsa Temple of Kyeongju City in 1999. He is currently the spiritual patriarch (joshil) of DonghwasaTemple. He became a member of Jogye Orders Council of Elders in 2003. He also received the prestigious designation of Great Master (Daejongsa) from the Jogye Order in 2004.


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