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Sand Mandala in Korea

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Sand Mandala in Korea


8 Tibet Monks from Drepong Temple Visits Korea for the first time.


December 4th at the Gwangseong-sa Temple


Commemorative service for Tibetans who self-immolated




Tibetan monks who construct Sand Mandala around the world also came to Korea to construct a Mandala for world peace. Ling Gala Rinpoche and 7 other monks from Gelukpa Order in Drepung Temple stayed from Nov 6~ Dec 6, 2011 in Busan and Gyengju city, Korea. On Dec 4, the Mandala was deconstructed and dedication prayer was sent out for the benefit of monks and nuns in Tibet who self-immolated.  



Article from : http://beopbo.com/news/view.html?section=1&category=186&no=68369




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